Monday, September 9, 2013

World Cup Bringing Wheels In/Wheels Out to Iron Cross!

World Cup Ski and Cycle from Mechanicsburg, PA has been the long time mechanical support of Iron Cross. They've supplied our checkpoints with mechanical support for years and are set up for last minute repairs at the start line year after year.

This year they're working with us to step it up another notch.

Introducing full on support for everyone in the field from World Cup!!

Wheels In - Wheels Out!

Here's how it works. While SRAM's NRS car will be back again and headed to Lippencote, Wigwam and the rest they'll be keeping up with the front 30-50 riders for most of the race. 

World Cup is bringing a big truck and trailer. You bring extra wheels. You label those wheels with your race # and they get put in the World Cup neutral support vehicle. You put wheels in, you can take wheels out. World Cup will definitely be at the bottom of Lippencote for everyone with your wheels (if you put 'em in) and mech support available.  

You may see those boys again somewhere else on course too. They'll definitely have full mech support set up at CP#2 (the start/finish zone) if you require a mid-race tune and likely will head out to other spots on course to help.

Keep checking back for more information and stop by or give a visit to their site or facebook to say thanks!