Sunday, Sept 29, 2013

Iron Cross 100K and 50K;
The races begin at 9:00 a.m: riders must reach CP3 no later than 3:00PM or they'll be directed back to Big Flat by way of Ridge Rd.
7:00-8:30AM - Registration and Check In
8:30AM - All drop bags must be dropped off to the Checkpoint boxes next to Race HQ
8:40AM - Race Meeting - all riders must be present
8:50AM - Staging (by predicted finish time)
9:00AM - Race Start (guys)
9:01AM - Race Start (ladies)
9:03AM - Race Start 50K
12:30-1:00PM - Lead riders expected back at Big Flat lot
1:00-6:00PM - Lunch and chillin' at Big Flat.
3:00PM - Cut off time at CP#4 (riders directed back by way of Ridge Rd)
3:45-4:00PM - Awards presentation expected start time.

Sunday, October

Iron Cross Trail Run; the race begins at 10:30 a.m.