Tuesday, October 12, 2010

l love it when a plan comes together.

Great course?  Check.  Great weather?  Check.  Great racing?  Check.  Awesome volunteers?  Check.  Larry's Tavern open for biz?  Check. BA whipping around in a black van screaming at Murdoch?  No, but we did have BW rippin' on those gravel roads in the Land Cruiser.

Nice work everyone.  Way to kill it.  From Isaac and Vicki and Ronald and Harlan up front (and the Applegate' too!) to Steph and Jody in the back it was inspiring to watch you guys take on this course and push yourselves to the limit.  We hope you enjoyed the day as much as we enjoyed having you out there!

Results, in no particular order.......(that was a joke, they are in finisher order, highlights on the top finishers per category.)  Full results broken down by division are found over here: THE BIG WHITE TRAILER (btw, if you're looking for someone to time some events, Jim and his Big White Trailer rock.)

Iron Cross VIII 10/10/10
Overall Name Team Bib No Age AG Place Div Time Pace
1 Isaac Enderline All-Star Bikes 76 20 1 0-99 SM 4:03:37.7 15.3mph
2 Adam Farabaugh Appalachian Running 81 21 2 0-99 SM 4:06:45.0 15.1mph
3 Ron Glowczynski RoanokeOutside.com 98 42 1 0-99 MM 4:07:13.5 15.0mph
4 Mike Keefer Gettysburg Bicycle / 125 33 3 0-99 SM 4:07:37.6 15.0mph
5 Sean Smith Champion System 205 34 4 0-99 SM 4:08:28.3 15.0mph
6 Robert Spreng Dirty Harry's 210 30 5 0-99 SM 4:11:39.6 14.8mph
7 Charles Clarkson Cyclocross World 47 29 6 0-99 SM 4:17:34.8 14.4mph
8 Harlan Price Team CF 170 34 1 0-99 SS 4:19:11.6 14.4mph
9 Mike Cushionbury Bicycling 61 40 7 0-99 SM 4:20:07.3 14.3mph
10 Juan Garcia Casatti Jet Racing LLC 237 31 8 0-99 SM 4:21:47.0 14.2mph
11 Roger Masse Trek 29er Crew 139 49 2 0-99 SS 4:22:55.1 14.1mph
12 David Yacobelli Team Ommegang - 226 40 2 0-99 MM 4:27:45.3 13.9mph
13 Robert Lochner Iron City Bikes 136 31 9 0-99 SM 4:28:24.4 13.9mph
14 Justin Pokrivka Pro Bikes/Cohen & 169 40 3 0-99 SS 4:28:40.5 13.8mph
15 Mike Laub Mountainside Racing 131 51 3 0-99 MM 4:29:42.0 13.8mph
16 Jay Dodge SCOTT RC 70 51 4 0-99 MM 4:30:01.9 13.8mph
17 Ray Adams PAValleys.com 2 32 10 0-99 SM 4:30:33.9 13.7mph
18 Jeremy Gardner HUDZ- Subaru 95 33 4 0-99 SS 4:31:05.5 13.7mph
19 Christopher Delisle CBRC / Team 65 40 5 0-99 MM 4:32:07.9 13.7mph
20 David Fahnestock Kelly Benefit 80 32 11 0-99 SM 4:33:01.3 13.6mph
21 Vicki Barclay Freeze Thaw Cycles 9 29 1 0-99 Wo 4:33:18.5 13.6mph
22 Cameron Dodge SCOTT RC 69 19 12 0-99 SM 4:34:01.6 13.6mph
23 Nathan Goates Mountainside Racing 99 37 13 0-99 SM 4:34:04.5 13.6mph
24 Chris Ruhl Freeze Thaw Cycles 184 23 14 0-99 SM 4:34:12.5 13.6mph
25 Mark Sumner CBRC / Team 216 47 6 0-99 MM 4:35:04.1 13.5mph
26 Jacob Arnold All-Star Bikes 7 18 15 0-99 SM 4:36:11.7 13.5mph
27 Madison Matthews The Bicycle Shop / 141 18 16 0-99 SM 4:37:06.1 13.4mph
28 Terry Blanchet CBRC / Team 24 47 5 0-99 SS 4:37:10.7 13.4mph
29 Michael Buchness The Bike Lane 29 43 7 0-99 MM 4:37:43.6 13.4mph
30 Rich Straub Freeze Thaw Cycles 214 34 17 0-99 SM 4:38:47.5 13.3mph
31 Christopher Consorto Louis Garneau 56 26 18 0-99 SM 4:39:19.6 13.3mph
32 Rob Campbell NCVC / United Health 37 39 19 0-99 SM 4:39:44.3 13.3mph
33 Jake Colvin IRS Medic 51 34 20 0-99 SM 4:39:46.4 13.3mph
34 Brian Fischer Bourbon Aficionados 88 41 8 0-99 MM 4:40:29.3 13.3mph
35 Andrew Shelby WWVC Racing 195 26 21 0-99 SM 4:41:05.5 13.2mph
36 Bryna Blanchard CBRC / Team 23 37 2 0-99 Wo 4:41:35.8 13.2mph
37 Gerry Pflug Salsa/SPK/Pro Bikes 167 42 9 0-99 MM 4:42:12.4 13.2mph
38 John Heffner Iron City Bikes 110 30 6 0-99 SS 4:42:12.8 13.2mph
39 Alan Consalvo Hellcats 55 19 22 0-99 SM 4:43:34.6 13.1mph
40 Bob Radzwich The Bicycle Shop / 173 40 10 0-99 MM 4:43:46.5 13.1mph
41 Mark Featherman Guys Racing Club 83 48 11 0-99 MM 4:44:39.7 13.1mph
42 Israel McCullough GungHo/Springhouse 147 30 23 0-99 SM 4:44:42.4 13.1mph
43 Sean Barrie Battley 10 29 24 0-99 SM 4:45:41.3 13.0mph
44 Eric Roman FreezeThawCycles 181 39 7 0-99 SS 4:47:12.9 13.0mph
45 Aaron Shelmire Pro Bikes/XXC Mag 196 30 25 0-99 SM 4:47:16.8 12.9mph
46 Aaron Snyder SCOTT RC 206 23 26 0-99 SM 4:47:19.5 12.9mph
47 David Funk GretnaBikes.com 91 47 12 0-99 MM 4:48:03.8 12.9mph
48 Al Bax Clean Currents 228 55 13 0-99 MM 4:48:18.8 12.9mph
49 Keith Davies MAMBO KINGS 64 51 14 0-99 MM 4:48:57.8 12.9mph
50 Daniel Rapp MYFAM 175 37 27 0-99 SM 4:49:33.4 12.8mph
51 Danny Goodwin CBRC / Team 100 45 15 0-99 MM 4:49:34.3 12.8mph
52 Jordyn Drayton Freeze Thaw Cycles 72 27 8 0-99 SS 4:50:28.8 12.8mph
53 Robert Parks 235 38 28 0-99 SM 4:51:49.4 12.7mph
54 Tom Oswald Oswald Cycle Works 163 42 16 0-99 MM 4:52:53.6 12.7mph
55 Josh West Bikeman.com 230 29 0-99 SM 4:54:00.5 12.7mph
56 Dan Brixius Appalachian Running 28 36 30 0-99 SM 4:54:04.3 12.7mph
57 Benjamin Smith Team Marty's 203 34 31 0-99 SM 4:55:05.9 12.6mph
58 Chuck Quackenbush CBRC / Team 172 49 17 0-99 MM 4:55:34.6 12.6mph
59 Claude Laberge Team Marty's 130 45 18 0-99 MM 4:55:43.3 12.6mph
60 Dave Pryor ThunderBear Racing 171 41 19 0-99 MM 4:55:46.9 12.6mph
61 Michael Johnson 120 51 20 0-99 MM 4:56:17.9 12.6mph
62 Jenny Ives CBRC / Team 117 25 3 0-99 Wo 4:56:21.4 12.6mph
63 Rick Fesler Team Snapple 86 29 32 0-99 SM 4:57:15.0 12.5mph
64 Doug Milliken ABRT / Bike Doctor - 151 44 21 0-99 MM 4:57:47.8 12.5mph
65 Scott Green EWR / Spud Racing 103 33 9 0-99 SS 4:58:02.7 12.5mph
66 Darren Biggs DCMTB 19 35 33 0-99 SM 5:00:28.4 12.4mph
67 William Alcorn BIKEFLIGHTS.COM 4 43 10 0-99 SS 5:00:29.8 12.4mph
68 Curtis Miller Team TBB / Deep 150 33 34 0-99 SM 5:01:32.6 12.3mph
69 Mark Ginn 97 41 22 0-99 MM 5:01:41.1 12.3mph
70 Bob Burke Hellcats 34 46 23 0-99 MM 5:03:13.4 12.3mph
71 Tom Bowmaster Liberty Cycle 26 51 24 0-99 MM 5:03:47.3 12.2mph
72 Chad McCurdy Guys Bicycles Racing 148 24 35 0-99 SM 5:03:51.3 12.2mph
73 Greg Jakubek Guilty by Association 118 23 36 0-99 SM 5:04:22.0 12.2mph
74 Anthony Dinallo The Bicycle Shop / 68 36 37 0-99 SM 5:04:24.7 12.2mph
75 Albert Greene Yellow Breeches 104 48 25 0-99 MM 5:04:45.4 12.2mph
76 Todd Bauer Single Speed 11 44 11 0-99 SS 5:04:52.5 12.2mph
77 Travis Sapsford Guy's Racing Club 186 37 38 0-99 SM 5:04:59.8 12.2mph
78 Ruth Sherman Corning Race Team 197 51 4 0-99 Wo 5:05:01.8 12.2mph
79 Fred Billet team Alliance 20 39 39 0-99 SM 5:05:15.1 12.2mph
80 Douglas Jones Shirks Racing 121 44 26 0-99 MM 5:05:46.8 12.2mph
81 Andy & Cara Applegate Champion Systems / 6 44 1 0-99 6 5:05:51.6 12.2mph
82 Vanessa McCaffery Mission in 143 29 5 0-99 Wo 5:06:07.6 12.2mph
83 Matthew Shields Evolution Cycling 198 41 27 0-99 MM 5:07:00.7 12.1mph
84 Chris Buonomo QCWcycling/breakaw 33 40 28 0-99 MM 5:07:11.9 12.1mph
85 Ben Lawrence 132 38 40 0-99 SM 5:07:29.6 12.1mph
86 Joe Penano The Bike Lane 166 40 29 0-99 MM 5:08:12.4 12.1mph
87 David Bellante skunky beets 14 37 41 0-99 SM 5:10:28.0 12.0mph
88 Sonja Evers Team Sticky FIngers 79 44 6 0-99 Wo 5:10:29.4 12.0mph
89 Shawn Cecotti Team Oregon p/b 43 31 42 0-99 SM 5:11:22.1 11.9mph
90 Dan Bonora EWR / Spud Racing 25 34 12 0-99 SS 5:12:01.0 11.9mph
91 Matthew Even DCMTB 78 34 43 0-99 SM 5:12:02.4 11.9mph
92 Todd Skopic Skopic Speedsters 201 46 30 0-99 MM 5:14:30.5 11.8mph
93 Howard McDannell MBM/Gettysburg 149 33 44 0-99 SM 5:14:32.4 11.8mph
94 Dave Stauffer Mason-Dixon Velo / 212 40 31 0-99 MM 5:15:10.3 11.8mph
95 William Neide Jr TBB/Deep Blue 155 30 45 0-99 SM 5:16:12.6 11.8mph
96 Darren Sanders 185 36 46 0-99 SM 5:16:39.7 11.7mph
97 Michael Beshore Mason-Dixon Velo / 18 42 32 0-99 MM 5:20:19.6 11.6mph
98 Adam Switzer Nature's Path/3Sports 217 35 47 0-99 SM 5:20:30.2 11.6mph
99 Scott Gray 231 35 48 0-99 SM 5:22:11.6 11.5mph
100 Bill Gardner MBR 94 52 33 0-99 MM 5:22:15.3 11.5mph
101 Steve Jurczak Guilty by Association 123 40 34 0-99 MM 5:22:19.5 11.5mph
102 Paul Aemisegeo HCM FUND RACING 3 38 49 0-99 SM 5:22:34.2 11.5mph
103 Paul Speranza Team Ommegang - 208 55 35 0-99 MM 5:22:41.8 11.5mph
104 Jonathan Scroggin EWR / Spud Racing 192 43 36 0-99 MM 5:23:43.6 11.5mph
105 Dom Cilento mobtown mono 46 38 13 0-99 SS 5:24:06.9 11.5mph
106 Steven Dontigny The Bike Lane 71 44 37 0-99 MM 5:24:26.7 11.5mph
107 Will Frames 89 25 50 0-99 SM 5:25:01.8 11.4mph
108 Darrin Miskiewicz Philadelphia Ciclismo 152 36 51 0-99 SM 5:25:21.1 11.4mph
109 Russell Blake Mason-Dixon Velo / 22 35 52 0-99 SM 5:25:27.1 11.4mph
110 Douglas Schiel Mason-Dixon Velo / 189 28 53 0-99 SM 5:25:28.2 11.4mph
111 William Feasley dc velo 82 54 38 0-99 MM 5:27:09.5 11.4mph
112 Larry Schlaline EWR / Spud Racing 190 49 39 0-99 MM 5:27:16.7 11.4mph
113 Rick Bullotta Beans Bikes 32 48 40 0-99 MM 5:27:25.0 11.4mph
114 Eric Noonan Team Marty's 159 31 54 0-99 SM 5:27:45.5 11.4mph
115 Jesse Epstein Team Marty's 77 33 55 0-99 SM 5:27:46.3 11.3mph
116 Janice Morris Mountainside 154 0 7 0-99 Wo 5:27:47.2 11.3mph
117 Mark Plotz DCMTB 168 35 56 0-99 SM 5:28:21.3 11.3mph
118 Chris McBurnie CBRC / Team 142 44 41 0-99 MM 5:29:32.3 11.3mph
119 George Hollerbach Newtown Bike 116 55 14 0-99 SS 5:31:13.3 11.2mph
120 Matthew Dantas-Mccutcheon Maryland Collegiate 63 22 57 0-99 SM 5:31:39.9 11.2mph
121 Monika Sattler NCVC / United Health 187 25 8 0-99 Wo 5:32:03.9 11.2mph
122 Jim Matthews The Bicycle Shop / 140 53 42 0-99 MM 5:33:37.8 11.2mph
123 Terri Spanogle NCVC / United Health 207 45 9 0-99 Wo 5:33:51.0 11.1mph
124 Taylor Valentine Bacon Lap 219 29 58 0-99 SM 5:33:51.6 11.1mph
125 Paul Mittelstadt Clean Currents 229 53 43 0-99 MM 5:34:49.2 11.1mph
126 Josh Patterson Dirt Rag 165 29 59 0-99 SM 5:34:50.9 11.1mph
127 Amy McCullough GungHo/Springhouse 146 28 10 0-99 Wo 5:34:55.7 11.1mph
128 Mark Henderson ATHF 111 40 60 0-99 SM 5:35:11.9 11.1mph
129 Patrick Conneely Pro Graphics Cycling 54 35 61 0-99 SM 5:36:04.5 11.1mph
130 Ruth Cunningham Pro Bikes 60 42 11 0-99 Wo 5:36:11.2 11.1mph
131 Eric Rowe 182 37 62 0-99 SM 5:36:42.2 11.0mph
132 Niklas Vigener Team 2plus4 220 42 44 0-99 MM 5:37:01.5 11.0mph
133 David Daniel Black Bear Cycling 62 52 45 0-99 MM 5:37:17.4 11.0mph
134 Scott Gordon avc/team 101 47 46 0-99 MM 5:38:34.9 11.0mph
135 Josh Carter Tri-State Velo 40 38 63 0-99 SM 5:39:30.9 11.0mph
136 Jason Gabriel Tri-State Velo 92 40 47 0-99 MM 5:39:33.0 11.0mph
137 Bob Campbell Tri State Velo 35 50 48 0-99 MM 5:39:36.9 11.0mph
138 Kirsten Begg-Swider Cycle-Smart 13 46 12 0-99 Wo 5:39:43.6 11.0mph
139 Paul Yeager EWR / Spud Racing 227 42 49 0-99 MM 5:40:39.8 10.9mph
140 Diane Grim C-3 Athletes Serving 105 51 13 0-99 Wo 5:41:08.3 10.9mph
141 Chuck Buczeskie Mountain Bikers of 30 43 50 0-99 MM 5:41:55.9 10.9mph
142 Andrew Cazier 42 30 64 0-99 SM 5:42:01.1 10.9mph
143 David Kegley Single Speed Outlaw 126 42 15 0-99 SS 5:42:56.5 10.8mph
144 Clay Chiles Freeze Thaw Cycles 45 26 16 0-99 SS 5:43:20.8 10.8mph
145 Milton Rojas potomac velo club 180 30 65 0-99 SM 5:45:30.9 10.8mph
146 Kerrin Strevell CBRC / Team 215 33 14 0-99 Wo 5:46:10.1 10.7mph
147 Joshua Beals Oswald Cycle Works 12 27 66 0-99 SM 5:46:57.3 10.7mph
148 Francis Craig Oswald Cycle Works 57 43 51 0-99 MM 5:47:03.5 10.7mph
149 Rodney Williams 236 67 0-99 SM 5:47:13.1 10.7mph
150 Dave Gander 232 51 52 0-99 MM 5:47:55.4 10.7mph
151 Mike Spinnler AVC/Team 209 52 53 0-99 MM 5:48:16.4 10.7mph
152 Mark Cavey LSV/Kelly Benefit 41 34 17 0-99 SS 5:48:39.6 10.7mph
153 Joshua Cohen j.cohen and 50 37 68 0-99 SM 5:48:48.8 10.7mph
154 Robert Nunnink Corning Race Team 161 46 54 0-99 MM 5:48:54.2 10.7mph
155 Brian Sellers 194 33 69 0-99 SM 5:49:36.3 10.6mph
156 Shari Shtub 234 30 15 0-99 Wo 5:50:07.2 10.6mph
157 John Majors Giffin Interior/Trek of 138 60 55 0-99 MM 5:51:02.2 10.6mph
158 Adam Dewitt 67 27 70 0-99 SM 5:51:42.2 10.6mph
159 Aaron Hofelt Rothrock All-Stars 114 42 56 0-99 MM 5:52:04.7 10.6mph
160 Liz Notter The Bike Lane 160 44 16 0-99 Wo 5:54:08.4 10.5mph
161 Jeff Stickle Black Bear Cycling 213 45 57 0-99 MM 5:54:13.9 10.5mph
162 James Johnson ABRT 119 43 58 0-99 MM 5:56:05.3 10.4mph
163 John Cullum hbi cycling 58 29 71 0-99 SM 5:56:57.9 10.4mph
164 Dave McClain Mountainside Racing 144 46 59 0-99 MM 5:58:07.2 10.4mph
165 Tom Klein 127 38 18 0-99 SS 5:59:11.2 10.4mph
166 Sid Rappe Team PBR 174 40 60 0-99 MM 5:59:11.6 10.4mph
167 Randall Lewis bike line 135 41 61 0-99 MM 6:03:08.4 10.2mph
168 Ian Briggs CBRC / Team 27 59 62 0-99 MM 6:03:53.5 10.2mph
169 Douglas Owens NCVC / United Health 164 38 72 0-99 SM 6:07:25.0 10.1mph
170 Edward Hickey 113 51 63 0-99 MM 6:10:16.1 10.0mph
171 Scott Sladovnik Vortex Cycling Club 202 50 64 0-99 MM 6:11:51.2 10.0mph
172 Michael Culp Marchio Masonry 59 43 65 0-99 MM 6:12:26.3 10.0mph
173 Richard Campbell 36 56 66 0-99 MM 6:14:13.0 9.9mph
174 James Bennetch Wengers of 15 46 67 0-99 MM 6:14:59.2 9.92mph
175 Syd Lea T.E.A.M. FUJI 134 25 73 0-99 SM 6:15:04.6 9.92mph
176 Rob Lea T.E.A.M. FUJI 133 69 68 0-99 MM 6:15:49.8 9.90mph
177 Rick McClain Chesapeake Cycle & 233 45 19 0-99 SS 6:19:14.2 9.81mph
178 J Rubell Team Marty's 183 22 74 0-99 SM 6:19:51.2 9.79mph
179 Nathan Kearns Treefortbikes.com 124 38 20 0-99 SS 6:20:48.4 9.77mph
180 David Smith Bikesport/ION 204 52 69 0-99 MM 6:22:00.8 9.74mph
181 Eric Franck Oswald Cycleworks 90 59 70 0-99 MM 6:22:52.2 9.72mph
182 Jan Ducnuigeen 73 42 71 0-99 MM 6:23:54.6 9.69mph
183 Kirk Emig EWR / Spud Racing 75 49 72 0-99 MM 6:24:52.1 9.67mph
184 George Hebner Bethel Cycle Sport 109 49 73 0-99 MM 6:25:49.7 9.64mph
185 Mike Althouse single speed mafia 5 44 21 0-99 SS 6:28:08.3 9.58mph
186 Megan Schmidt Team Marty's 191 25 17 0-99 Wo 6:29:30.3 9.55mph
187 James Carlisle AVC 38 46 74 0-99 MM 6:29:34.8 9.55mph
188 Doug Morris Guy's Racing 153 48 75 0-99 MM 6:30:46.8 9.52mph
189 Mark Juers 122 25 75 0-99 SM 6:31:29.1 9.50mph
190 Paul Seiber SUSQUEHANNA 193 40 76 0-99 SM 6:34:25.2 9.43mph
191 Craig Thompson 218 29 77 0-99 SM 6:37:07.9 9.37mph
192 Tore Nelsen 156 31 78 0-99 SM 6:38:04.2 9.35mph
193 David Nembhard Penn State University 157 46 22 0-99 SS 6:39:18.9 9.32mph
194 Cody Gunst Precise Performance 107 24 79 0-99 SM 6:44:53.4 9.19mph
195 Louis Hering Team TBB / Deep 112 50 76 0-99 MM 6:54:34.1 8.97mph
196 Adam Newman Dirt Rag 158 30 23 0-99 SS 6:59:30.3 8.87mph
197 Norris Wright Jr Team TBB / Deep 225 37 80 0-99 SM 7:08:52.2 8.67mph
198 Jen Conine Treefort Bikes.com 52 36 18 0-99 Wo 7:16:33.8 8.52mph
199 Linda Carlisle Battlefield Velo 39 41 19 0-99 Wo 7:25:33.8 8.35mph
200 Karl Geib Portland Velo Club 96 51 77 0-99 MM 7:27:29.1 8.31mph
201 Susan Witter MBM 224 58 20 0-99 Wo 7:44:57.5 8.00mph
202 Hans Bakermans Yellow Breeches 8 40 78 0-99 MM 7:45:12.3 8.00mph
203 Stephanie Mader The doughnuts 137 34 21 0-99 Wo 8:03:13.7 7.70mph
204 Jody Eberly The doughnuts 74 42 79 0-99 MM 8:04:48.1 7.67mph

The team competition was taken out on the strength of some fine riding by Bob Blutarsky and friends with the Team Title going to CBRC/Team Blutarsky with Freeze Thaw Cycles in second and EWR/Spud Racing in third.

Special Iron Cross X.X.X. Edition beanies and T-shirts are still available for purchase if you just have to have one or you're looking for that super special unique gift idea for a loved one.

Iron Cross IX registration is open!!  That's right, we were a bit behind in 2010 but we're slightly ahead of the game for 2011 with BikeReg up and running for next year.  We're also offering a special reduced price through the end of October - sign up by 10/31 and save $10!  Sweet, huh?

We're also already hard at work on the next edition and are planning a few new treats for participants.

50K Race.  The new "IC Lite?"  The 50K Iron Cross will be a shortened version of this puppy for riders looking for a less intense but still super fun event or those looking to take a sip of the fine wine that is Iron Cross and are afraid that too much of a good thing will only result in something they regret later.

Party Bus!  Sounds like Cumberland Co. visitors bureau is pretty excited about this idea as are we.  The plan is that we'll have a bus to take family, friends, supporters, hangers on and the rest of your entourage to a couple spots on the course so they can see you racing, running, crawling, and cursing the promoters.  The plan is to hit the start, Lippencote Tr. and Wigwam Run-Up before heading back to the finish line.  More on this as we close in on 2011, but it should be a good time and supported by local PA businesses!

We're also introducing/re-introducing some other Iron Cross gear like jerseys, bib shorts and sweatshirts to fill your apparel needs.  Designs for the 2011 gear should be done by the end of 2010 and will be posted on this site and on BikeReg - we'll let you know.  We will have some sort of deadline on the gear for orders that can be picked up on race day and likely another option to order gear we'll mail out after race day.  So check it out and add it all to your list for Santa. Of course that means you need to stop being naughty too so good luck with that I guess.

All of the above is laid out on the reg page for next year and will soon be added to this site as well so keep checking back!

Thanks again for a wonderful X.X.X. edition of Iron Cross.  We love having you guys out and we hope it shows. 

One last bit. If you have blogs, race reports, riding photos, anecdotes, war stories, wound pics (always a crowd pleaser) you'd like to share, ship 'em on over to me and we'll post 'em here [subject too a quick look-see!]

Check back soon for links to photographers' pages too.  Until then, keep the hammer down.  And don't be a fool, sign up for IC IX and save some dough.  'Cause, you know, we pity the fool...

Friday, October 8, 2010

Pre-Race Email

Just sent this out to all pre-reg'd riders...figured those of you making the trip up might like to see it too.  Not much here that isn't covered on the site, but it is all wrapped up in one place this way!!



Thanks for the support and love.  We're getting things ready for your arrival and looking forward to what is set up to be a beautiful day in the Michaux woods - though you may feel different about this about 2/3 of the way up Wigwam...

A few bits and pieces:

First and foremost before we do anything else we have to recognize three very important people.

For those of you who do not know, there has been a little change for us this year.  Actually, it is not so little.  Mark Laser, Chris Houston and Karen Polensky are all stepping back from IC to focus on other things.  Mark was really THE guy to bring IC to life and Chris and Karen have been very instrumental in our success over the years.  We're working hard not to screw it up with all the good stuff they've done and you'll see some new things happening too in coming years.  Unfortunately you may not even see Mark, Chris or Karen this weekend as all three are quite busy with other things (they've cut the umbilical cord big time!) but hopefully those who can will stop by and I'm sure you'll see them in future editions - hopefully standing on the start line next to you!  Look for a follow up on this on the new race site next week too.  Mark, Chris and Karen - Thank You Very Much!

On to some race stuff:

1.  There are start slots left so bring some friends!  (approx 235 pre-reg)
2.  There are bunkhouses left.  $20 for the night, right next to the start line.  Easy peasy bacon cheesy.
3.  No bacon cheesy, but Spaghetti Dinner on Sat night from 6:00-7:30 for everyone coming in the night before (thanks to the Stodterds!).
4.  Sat Night Number Pickup - We will be open from 5:00PM to 7:00PM for race number pick up at the Camp Thompson mess hall/race HQ.

5. Iron Cross Day of Schedule
6:00-9:00AM Breakfast - benefit breaky for the Friends of Pine Grove Furnace State Park.  $5 for good food and lots of it!
7:00-8:30AM Race Day Registration
8:40AM  Pre-Race Meeting at race headquarters
8:50AM  Staging on Ice House Road
9:00AM  Race Start - Gents
9:02AM  Race Start - Ladies

Food and stuff when you get back!  Awards around 3:30-4:00.

6.  Pay attention to race signage - Yellow/Blk signs and Orange paint on road.  Keep your heads up!  Remember that the roads are open to traffic and be safe out there!

7.  Course description and a lot of other useful information on www.IronCrossRace.com. 

8.  Bring 1 gallon zip lock bags for drop bags - you may put drop bags at Checkpoints #2, #3, & #4 (check website for more info about checkpoint locations and drop bags on the "course" page).

9.  Drop bags must be put in the Checkpoint bins located next to the Race HQ/Reg building by 8:30AM.  No bags dropped after 8:30AM are likely to make it to the checkpoints.

10.  The cut off time at CP#4 is 3:30PM

Lots of information on www.IronCrossRace.com for you - course description, schedule, directions, etc.  Please check there first if you have any questions as I'm going to be in the woods of Michaux from here on out and it is tough to get information in or out of there...scary I know.

If you do need to reach me for info or questions try my cell at 717-350-1029.  I probably won't pick up when you call but leave a message and I'll get back to you when I take a trip back to civilization!

Rest up, eat up, psych up and we'll see you on Sunday morning for IC VIII!!

Kuhn and the crew

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

It's Raymond, Man......Hallelujah

Okay, I know I shouldn't play favorites, but if I had my druthers there is one person I would pick to win this thing...


(okay, who didn't see that coming?)

But since I don't see myself riding this thing this weekend I'm gonna go with Ray Adams.  Ray and I have been running a team together for about six years - first VisitPA.com and more recently PAValleys.com - and last year we officially launched the Trans-Sylvania Epic Mountain Bike Stage Race.  He's a biz partner and good friend.  It is nice when you give props to someone like that.  It is also nice that Ray can back it up to keep me from looking like a fool and will certainly be in the mix for the win this weekend.

Like Mr. Cupcake Keefer, Ray has a ton of experience in this race with several top 10 finishes over the year including standing on one of the podium steps a few years back.  Ray knows how the race is likely to unfold and can put both some his light build to good use on the 6,000+ feet of elevation gain and his mtb skillz to work on that wicked fun singletrack made all the more wicked on skinny tires.  With climbing as one of his fortes Ray also has the advantage of perhaps not needing to go as deep into the red on the numerous big climbs that dot IC as some of the bigger guys will.  Or maybe Ray's thinking of giving it just enough stick to make those big boys suffer that little bit extra that puts some doubts in their minds and takes some zip out of their legs for later in the race.  Ray also spent the summer hitting the Michaux endurance series events and finished second overall just behind Keefer showing some form into September.  We'll be looking to see how that form has played out this weekend.

Ray definitely has the experience and fitness to be at the head of this race for a long time.  This guy sees Ray's strengths really paying off from CP#3 and the ensuing Hogshead climb through to the end of the race.  If Ray's been able to keep it close and save some energy into CP#3 I would be looking for a move soon after the road hits the first steep pitches of Hogshead. And if that first attack doesn't work I'm pretty sure Ray will go again as Hogshead (and that nasty irritating bit of Woodrow we add on for spite) offers plenty of opportunities to break some legs. In that sort of situation Ray is going to be pretty hard to match with one of the best power to weight ratios in the mid-Atlantic MTB scene.  When the road goes up Ray is perhaps at his very best. 

Ray can ride singletrack too and once over Hogs/Woodrow there is a good bit of the tight and twisty stuff to help Ray maintain or even extend a lead over less technically capable riders.  If Ray's well clear at the top of the last run up he's going to be hard to catch though those last few miles do edge the power:weight advantage toward slightly bigger guys who can throw down the big numbers on the paved descent and fast rollers of 233 back to camp T.

Luckily for Ray I'm in the lead vehicle and I watch a lot of bike racing on TV so I know all about those Turbo Bottles.

So, my personal favorite of the favorites for IC VIII is my bud Ray, but he's got his work cut out for him.  Here's some extra motivation though - if he doesn't win we'll probably have to kick him off the team (reminder, he runs it...that would be hard to do...sorry I need to spell this out if you get it already but after the whole mountain bikers wanting to kick my ass bit I'm playing it safe.)

There are a couple more guys in this thing and few ladies making the trip that I'd like to mention, but with IC Day so close...well don't hold your breath.  Plus, a few I'm looking for haven't signed on officially yet so who knows if they'll really show!  Two that definitely deserve mention are Cameron Cogburn and Adam Farabaugh so I'll try to get to those guys tomorrow.

Gettin' ready for you

How Brett and Donna are spending their evenings this week.

Special Edition

We're special (edition).  
Here's the logo to prove it.

Monday, October 4, 2010

A Hot Cupcake

Mike Keefer is a complete cupcake.  At least I think he's a cupcake.  One of those Gettysburg Cupcakes that call the wilderness of Michaux home (though he is officially riding for Gettysburg Bicycle/Hammer Nutrion).  The Cupcakes are like those guys that palled around with that Swamp Fox fella during the Revolution.  They lie in wait using their intimate knowledge of their surroundings to lull you into a false sense of security and then, when you're least expecting, launch some attack that takes you completely by surprise and ends in some zany adventure running around the woods chasing the British...errrr, wait...I might be thinking about reruns I watched as a kid with that Naked Gun guy.  Either way it's pretty much the same thing.  The Swamp Fox Theme Song

Keefer is a on a roll and may be riding better than he has a few years (since yours truly edged him out at a NORBA National a few years back which I just had to bring up to prove that I was fast at one point and may well not even be true, but again, I was fast - that's the take home people) and posted some seriously sweet results in hard endurance races this year.  He took the overall win the Michaux Endurance Series edging out another contender for Iron Cross, perennial top fiver Ray Adams of the PAValleys.com Team, in that season long competition.  Keefer also finished in a strong 8.5 hours at the Shenandoah 100 in a tune-up for IC (okay, I don't know if it was a tune-up for IC, but since this is pretty much the most important race of the year we must assume he was tuning up.)

So we know that he can ride his bike fast, he appears to be fit and we know that he knows the Michaux terrain and trails as well as or better than anyone else in this race.  We don't know if he knows that we know that he knows, but if he reads this entry he'll find out so keep it on the DL.  He is definitely going to be one of the fastest riders of the day on the Lippencote descent - which he's likely to ride without dismounting and without a whole lot of braking even as I'm sure he has it dialed.  Keefer will be looking to put the hurt on a lot of guys with less technical ability than what he has both on Lip. Tr. and in the single track in the last quarter of the race.

Keefer has another thing going for him - experience.  Mike has participated in Iron Cross enough times that he knows how the race is likely to unfold.  He knows where move are made and where you can save some energy because the moves made are unlikely to stick.  He'll look forward to the places where his prowess on the mountain bike will best allow him to forge an advantage or chill while others are fighting the rocks and techy bits. 

It is arguable that Keefer and J. Beck - the two riders we've profiled so far - are almost opposites in their strengths and weaknesses.  While both are very strong riders Keefer comes to IC from a mountain bike background while Josh is coming off a summer of multisport racing that is likely to only have included dirt in that bit of course where the water meets the bike transition.  Where Keefer is going to rule the rocks, Josh will find his biggest challenges.  While Josh is very at home on his feet and likely to put in a major assault on Wigwam you can bet that Keefer will be looking to limit losses whenever he is off the bike. 

This is the sort of set up that makes IC the very unique race and experience it is for everyone who takes part and makes calling the race results something I sure ain't willing to do! 


Real quick - here's a shout out to Mr. Hans Bakermans.  Hans will likely admit he isn't going for the win at IC, but what he probably won't admit because he is too nice a guy is that he's been a big part of this thing for a couple years by helping us run one of the checkpoints.  Hans is racing this year so be sure to thank him for his hard work in the past and wish him well!


Saw some tweet about past IC champ and sole 90 mile version finisher Jeremiah Bishop of Cannondale hinting about coming out for another crack at IC (yay!) this wknd or heading to Cinci (bleh)  for three races that together won't add up to ICs 100k of fun and mayhem.  It said to vote at www.jeremiahbishop.com, but I don't see a lever to pull so go there and then email him directly.  


Sing it with me now, "Swamp Fox, Swamp Fox tail on his hat, nobody knows where the swamp fox is at..."

Apologies For Offending

It appears that we've offended with the very tongue in cheek post about equipment, the one concerning bike choice at Iron 'Cross.  We want to be clear on this point in case it was not clear from the end of that post where it states: "No, really, MTBs are okay at Iron 'Cross.  They haven't been banned...yet.  If that's what you got, bring it 'cause you just have to do this thing and all us bike riders love each other."  

It has always been okay to ride mountain bikes at Iron Cross.  BUT, this is Iron CROSS.  It is designed to be experienced from the saddle of a 'cross bike and was designed to be that way from the very beginnings of the event.  That was a point of the post.

Three Peaks => mountain bikes are banned.  Regular 'cross races everywhere around the world, mountain bikes => banned; heck they even mandate that a person can't use a tire more than 33mm wide.  If we ever do it, we would ban MTBs not because we don't like them (in fact, we all ride mtbs a lot) or the people who ride them.  We might eventually ban mountain bikes because of our intent and philosophy that this is a very special sort of cyclocross experience and because it is more fair if everyone is on the same style bike.  Those reasons should not be seen as an insult and until we do make that rule we hope mountain bikes remain a part of Iron Cross. 

The point of this event is that it is 'cross race.  The point of the post is to tell one and all that a 'cross bike is THE way to ride Iron Cross.  And,  if a person who has both a 'cross bike and an mtb to choose from comes with the mountain bike because they think it will give them an advantage then that person is missing the point of the race and the experience of Iron Cross.  If a person is not part of the particular group which could choose to use an mtb for a perceived competitive advantage then that bit doesn't apply to them.  If a person rides an mtb b/c that is all that person has, as we say, 'That's cool because the race is fun either way. C'mon out!'

I apologize if you found the post insulting personally or to the mountain bike community.  Many people who might visit this site don't know me and may not yet have experienced the irreverence of the event or slightly off-kilter minds of its promoters.  I should not have assumed that the post would appear humorous even if written in such a was as to be so outlandish ('the Shack calling'...'your mom riding IC on a 'cross bike and calling you a pansy'..."seriously seriously seriously") that it couldn't possibly be real or genuinely reflect a negative attitude toward mountain bikes due to the nature of internet postings.  Those of you who emailed with thanks for the laughs - well, I do appreciate that and am glad my twisted humor wasn't lost on everyone.

Please try to re-read the post in the tongue-in-cheek manner it was written - you may even find it amusing.  Then come out and join in.  Those who come out will have a heck of a time and find out that IC is about as far from "elitist" as it can be..... You'll even have fun if you do it on a mountain bike (wink, wink, lol, :-)).

One last thing.  It is not constructive to post anonymous personal insults or curse profusely at someone in the comments section of a site. The ability to post comments has been removed from this site.  If you have concerns about the event feel free to contact me directly at the information listed at the bottom of this page. If you expect or would like a response please be courteous.  Posts that warrant it shall be given a disclaimer.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Man this makes me hungry! Seriously, I need some grub.

IC Breakfast by Friends of Pine Grove Furnace State Park (& Friends)

6:00-9:00AM Iron Cross Morning!! 

$5 per person (whata bahgan!)

Sunday morning Iron Cross Race Day Breakfast this year is being provided by the Friends of Pine Grove Furnace State Park!  From the beginning, Pine Grove Furnace State Park has been the home of Iron Cross, and this is a great way to get an awesome breakfast and support activities and improvements at the Park at the same time!  Proceeds from the Iron Cross breakfast will be used to support activities by the Friends of Pine Grove Furnace State Park.

Breakfast is $5 per person. Additional donations are welcome.  For a measly five-spot, you get all that yummy goodness above!  Eat up!

This is all possible due to the kind support of Wenger’s Meats in Carlisle www.wengermeats.com, Nuts About Granola of York www.nutsaboutgranola.com, Green Mountain Coffee, Karns Food Store in Boiling Springs, and Giant Food Stores of PA.

The Friends hope to see you at the Fall Furnace Fest at the park the weekend after the race (Saturday and Sunday October 16-17, starting at 1 PM each day)!  Enjoy fun Fall activities amidst the beauty of Pine Grove Furnace State Park.

The Friends of Pine Grove Furnace State Park formed in June 2010. This formation was to provide volunteers additional outlets at the park and surrounding forest through which to contribute to the conservation and preservation of the park and its resources.

Friends formed as a chapter of the Pa Parks and Forests Foundation (PPFF). PPFF is a private, non-profit organization that works to develop resources which complement the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR).

Mission Statement
The Friends of Pine Grove Furnace State Park exists to keep history alive and promote the educational and recreational programs of the park and surrounding areas through special events and trail development while protecting the park’s natural resources.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Equipment Part II

We get the question a lot about mountain bikes vs. cross bikes at IC so let's delve into that a bit.

First, ride a 'cross bike.

Seriously, this is Iron CROSS not Iron Mountain Bike.

No, seriously, Iron 'Cross is about riding in these places on a cross bike.  The way to experience this thing is on skinny-ish knobbies white knuckled on the Lippencote descent and rippin' across the dirt road in the drops imagining that you have a clue of what it was like for the original Tour de France racers on their crazy rigs climbing in the Alps and Pyrenees.  Of course, you don't have a clue but it is fun to play dress up.

Seriously seriously why would you do Iron CROSS on a mountain bike?  Because it is the only bike you own?  Well, actually that's okay and we don't mind and we will try to refrain from pointing and laughing.  Because you think it gives you a competitive advantage?  Cool.  Or as we said in the 90s's, "NOT!!"  If you win maybe Garmin will call.  Or maybe it will be the the Shack.  Or maybe it will be your mom just checking in to see if you made it through in one piece and to remind you that you are completely lame for racing it on a mountain bike.  Mom is tough.  She'd ride in on a 'cross bike you pansy.  And she'd kick your ass.

Seriously seriously seriously this is about 'cross racing.  Yes, it is a completely different vision of what 'cross should look like and completely different sort of event, but it was designed with 'cross bikes in mind.  The saddle of a 'cross bike is THE way to experience the joys and sorrows and pain and those times when you actually enter a different state of consciousness due to the awesomeness of the event and the aura of Mark Laser that is Iron Cross.

And, while we've not yet seen any mountain bike riding fools actually in tears in the parking lot weeping from the chastising dished out by all the super cool and super sexy 'cross bike riding superstars we don't want you to be the first.  So please, don't ride a mountain bike if you can avoid it.

Remember, Friends Don't Let Friends Ride Mountain Bikes at Iron 'Cross.

And, Only You Can Prevent Your Friends From Looking All Lame And Stuff Riding Mountain Bikes At Iron 'Cross.

We are not responsible for any mental damage caused by incessant (and well deserved) abuse dished out to those not on 'cross bikes during Iron Cross.

No, really, MTBs are okay at Iron 'Cross.  They haven't been banned...yet.  If that's what you got, bring it 'cause you just have to do this thing and all us bike riders love each other.  But not that way.   


Edit 10.4.10 - DISCLAIMER:  THE ABOVE WAS WRITTEN TONGUE IN CHEEK AND MEANT TO BE A LITTLE (or if you know us and Iron Cross - A LOT) FUNNY!!  WE WOULD LOVE TO HAVE YOU RIDE AN MTB AND UNTIL WE SAY DIFFERENTLY, DO IT!  TELL YOUR MOM SHE CAN RIDE ONE TOO!! (AGAIN, THAT LAST BIT WAS TO BE HUMOROUS!  Mom _probably_ isn't doing Iron Cross which is where we were thinking some of the humor would be apparent....) W got burned with this post and we really didn't mean to offend anyone.  Sorry.  Post coming to try to explain it better - at least we hope.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Can Running Win It Again?

Over the next few weeks as we run up to Iron Cross we're going to try to take a look at some of the folks primed for this year's edition.  We got the word in that Newville native and all round super nice fella Josh Beck, owner of the Appalachian Running Co in downtown Carlisle, is in for this year's Iron Cross.  Josh, despite living so close and being a fixture in the endurance sports community in the region for a bit now is making his first attempt at IC.  Keeping Josh from putting the hurt on folks at IC in the past has been an aversion to the technical bits on the course which he has seemingly put to bed.  I can't wait to see what he pulls off.

Josh has some incredible results on his resume from early years as a runner to a time spent racing road bikes on the SportsBook.com pro team and with events like the Philly Pro Championship under his wheels.  Over the past five years or so the focus has been on ultra distance multi-sport events.  Google him if you like.  Some might call him nuts.  I might agree.  But whatever you call him the results speak for themselves.

Now, I haven't followed Josh's career over the past couple years too closely, but some very recent successes including setting the run course record at the Savageman Tri, which holds the reputation as the hardest Tri anywhere and making an impressive effort at the Louisville Iron Man coming from hundreds back out of the water to 6th overall show he's ready for the on and off the bike bits of IC.

What will be interesting to watch is how Josh plays the race tactically and whether he's able to use that bike/run strength to overcome the disadvantage he'll likely face on the Lippencote descent and the sinuous singletrack in the last hour of the race (unless he's been out getting that dialed!).  If Josh is within a minute or two at the bottom of Lippencote his power on the flat roads and slight grades leading to the Wigwam run will likely bring him back up to the front and set up a show down on Wigwam and to the finish.  If he's off the front at that point; look out.

Rob Jebb showed us several years ago that a super strong runner with who can keep the race close into Wigwam  has the possibility to open up a big enough gap to hold it to the finish.  Josh looks like he's primed to run that fast, but can he keep it close enough on Lippencote to be able to make that move or will he need to use that fancy footwork to pull back those who rip Lipp?  We shall soon find out.

Anyone know if Josh has been out figuring out the Lippencote line?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Iron Cross Equipment


Choose your equipment wisely. The course has some pretty rough and steep (for a typical 'cross race) sections.  The following are similar to recommendations we've had since the start of this gig, but have been updated to reflect the slightly less technical nature of the current course.

First and foremost, this is a 'cross race.  That's the spirit of it and what we've had in mind from day 1.  We don't restrict what you run though (and we certainly don't hold you to less than 33mm tires!). We know that you can choose to ride whatever you want.  Without a doubt there are sections of this thing that will be faster on a mountain bike than a 'cross bike.  That being said, mountain bikes are fewer in number on the start line each year because the way to experience this race is on a 'cross bike - that is what makes it Iron Cross!  (BTW, at some point MTBs will be no more at IC.  That day isn't here yet, but it is coming.)


  • If you're on a 'cross bike, running the biggest tires that will fit may offer a bit of comfort and will certainly help protect from flats, but the fastest set-up if you know what you're doing on the singletrack is probably something in the 35-40 width.

  • If you're on a mountain bike, run tires as small as won't pinch flat.  A 29er with a true 'cross tire in the 35-40 size is a pretty decent choice.

  • If you're on a singlespeed, choose a gear as big as you can climb on or you'll spin out too easily on the pavement sections. 

  • A long time ago when I was fast, fit and in shape on a pre-ride this is what I said, "I ran a 42 single ring with a 12-27 and would have liked something lower later in the course. It's probably not necessary to go lower in order to ride the climbs, but figure with a time of at least 4-5 hours to finish its going to be a long day. Lower gears may save your legs for later in the race."  Now I would say - bring the low gears!  You'll want them.  A double is very smart.  A triple if you're at all concerned makes perfect sense.  A compact to get you that 34 on the front...stellar.

  • There are no pits so there are no bike changes. You start on and finish on the same bike you ride on the rest of the course.

    You're going to need either some bottle cages and bottles or a camelback, don't rely on the aid stations for water as they're too far apart to keep you hydrated if you only drink there. Eat lots and drink lots during this ride. It sure is pretty out here during fall, but don't get all distracted and make sure to keep sucking down that Hammer HEED.

  • Gettin' ready

    Iron Cross ain't no joke.  Ask around.  It is fun and different and a big hoot - especially if you can laugh at yourself for carrying your bike up Wigwam, but it ain't easy.  Figure 4-6 hours with tons of climbing, technical trail bits that will challenge your skills, fast gravel and pavement and some pretty decent off the bike work.

    The best preparation you can do is mimic the demands of the race a couple times between now and the event.  Spend the days you can't ride for 4-5 hours focused on recovery from the big rides and spend some other days developing that sustainable power for the big climbs and long day on the horizon.

    A couple long rides on gravel roads with lots of climbing should be a part of the training package.  Get used to the feel of the bike sliding around under you a bit on those downhills. You need to add in some long hill reps on other days to work on threshold power and some days of long tempo efforts for the hours you'll be pounding it out around the Michaux roads.

    Getting the 'cross bike out on some technical trails and work your way up to difficult rocky descents since that's where things get most sketchball on a 'cross bike - and getting accustomed to how the bike handles technical terrain will prove very beneficial in your IC prep.  Those of you who've done this thing know what Lippencote Tr. is.  Those who haven't are likely about to ride the most technical descent they've tried on a 'cross bike.  While most people end up walking down much of Lippencote what you should know is that the front guys rip it on their 'cross bikes sliding their bikes through the washed out rocky trough and bunny hopping the downed logs.  They can do this because they practice doing it.  You should get out and practice.

    If you're really geared up for Iron Cross then you need to be running too.  Don't believe me?  One of the guys to win this thing was Rob Jebb, a multiple time 3 Peaks winner and a world high altitude marathon series champion.  Where did he make his move to win Iron Cross?  He RAN up WigWam.  Let me say again, RAN up it.  Most people barely move faster than plodding on that run-up.  It is steep and rocky and then you hop back on the bike for a short stint before getting off to run another section that isn't quite as steep but is plenty loose and rocky making for poor footing.  Another remount and final run section await before you top out.  IF you can move fast through those running sections you can gain minutes - in that 10 min section Jebb gained more than 1 minute on the next rider.  It is a crux of the Iron Cross and of prime importance if you're looking for your best possible result.

    Have fun out there and get ready for the coolest and mostest funnest 'cross racing going.  IC X.X.X.

    Monday, September 20, 2010

    100 Down!

    We're over 100 pre-reg'd for the X.X.X. edition of Iron Cross as of this past weekend!  With registration filling fast we are well on our way to a sold out festivus. 

    Friday, September 17, 2010

    We'll make you famous!

    We're stoked about all the love and coverage Iron Cross has generated the last couple years.  DirtRag, Cyclocross Magazine,  XXCMag, Bicycling...Now we are super excited to have Outside Magazine's television arm coming out to cover the 2010 event!  Yep, you'll see some awesome coverage of the longest cyclocross race in America hitting the airwaves in the near future and maybe, just maybe, you'll be on there!  Then you'll really have something cool to tweet to mom and to brag about/throw in the faces of your old high school classmates on Facebook!  Check out some of their past coverage: Ride Guide TV