General Rules

The #1 rule above and beyond #1.  Maybe that's the 0 rule?  

Any bike is allowed.  'Cross, MTB, 29er, 26er, 650Ber, Road, Tri, Tricycle, Unicycle, FrankenCross, MonsterCross, UltraCross, SuperUltraDoubleUberCross.  Doesn't matter to us.  Now, we might not think you're real smart for choosing a few of those and we might enjoy poking fun at you, but we'll still love you in the morning and we hope the feeling is mutual.

1. All riders must finish on the bike you start on. There are no pits so there are no bike changes. You start on and finish on the same bike you ride on the rest of the course.
2.  You must race with your head up.  This is a large single lap back woods course.  Every year riders get off course because they miss turns marked with 4, 5, 6+ arrows.  You are responsible for yourself out there so keep your head up.
3. You must complete the entire course (even if you go off-course or accidentally short cut the course)
4. Don't be a jerk.  If you find something amiss approach the promoters calmly and we'll work it out.  Approach us with an attitude befitting a three year old who didn't get the toy he wanted on the shelf and you'll be treated appropriately.