Iron Cross is as good as it is in part because we have some great sponsors.  Please say thanks to these guys for supporting your sport and our event.  Tweet them, FB them, say thanks at events and buy their stuff!

We are absolutely thrilled to have these guys on board. We get we're they're throwing down and vice versa. This is about doing this. It is about the experience. It is about doing things a little differently. It is about pushing yourself. It isn't about the prize.

No Tubes is on board with us because they make some wheels that are IDEAL for Iron Cross.  In fact, there are none better.  With all the changes in terrain in IC and the technical singletrack we throw in for your riding pleasure, a pimped out set of the Alpha rims would be perfect.

Even better?  The Iron Cross Wheels of course!

Cross bikes with discs.  It is like the industry finally caught up with Iron Cross.

Laugh at Lippencote and rip down Woodrow and then enjoy the fact that besides making for the best tubeless set up going Stan's also works hard to make those rims light as you climb Wigwam and Hogshead!

Available at every checkpoint at Iron Cross, Hammer Nutrition has been the choice for IC racers for most of our existence.  Drink up.  You'll need it.

Long time supporters of what we do at Iron Cross.  Every year World Cup is there early Sunday morning to  take care of bikes and our riders and offering a new wheel-in/wheels-out service for Lippencote!  
Thank them when you have a chance, they're there for you.

Plain talking HR is helping us turn it up to 11 with prizes for every "11" finisher - #11, #111, #211 and #311! How cool is that? And yea, we won't really know where you are in the 11s, but we'll try to give you an idea out there!
The Party starts here.  Toasted Head is bringing it to you at the Big Flat Lot after the race.