Sunday, September 26, 2010

Equipment Part II

We get the question a lot about mountain bikes vs. cross bikes at IC so let's delve into that a bit.

First, ride a 'cross bike.

Seriously, this is Iron CROSS not Iron Mountain Bike.

No, seriously, Iron 'Cross is about riding in these places on a cross bike.  The way to experience this thing is on skinny-ish knobbies white knuckled on the Lippencote descent and rippin' across the dirt road in the drops imagining that you have a clue of what it was like for the original Tour de France racers on their crazy rigs climbing in the Alps and Pyrenees.  Of course, you don't have a clue but it is fun to play dress up.

Seriously seriously why would you do Iron CROSS on a mountain bike?  Because it is the only bike you own?  Well, actually that's okay and we don't mind and we will try to refrain from pointing and laughing.  Because you think it gives you a competitive advantage?  Cool.  Or as we said in the 90s's, "NOT!!"  If you win maybe Garmin will call.  Or maybe it will be the the Shack.  Or maybe it will be your mom just checking in to see if you made it through in one piece and to remind you that you are completely lame for racing it on a mountain bike.  Mom is tough.  She'd ride in on a 'cross bike you pansy.  And she'd kick your ass.

Seriously seriously seriously this is about 'cross racing.  Yes, it is a completely different vision of what 'cross should look like and completely different sort of event, but it was designed with 'cross bikes in mind.  The saddle of a 'cross bike is THE way to experience the joys and sorrows and pain and those times when you actually enter a different state of consciousness due to the awesomeness of the event and the aura of Mark Laser that is Iron Cross.

And, while we've not yet seen any mountain bike riding fools actually in tears in the parking lot weeping from the chastising dished out by all the super cool and super sexy 'cross bike riding superstars we don't want you to be the first.  So please, don't ride a mountain bike if you can avoid it.

Remember, Friends Don't Let Friends Ride Mountain Bikes at Iron 'Cross.

And, Only You Can Prevent Your Friends From Looking All Lame And Stuff Riding Mountain Bikes At Iron 'Cross.

We are not responsible for any mental damage caused by incessant (and well deserved) abuse dished out to those not on 'cross bikes during Iron Cross.

No, really, MTBs are okay at Iron 'Cross.  They haven't been banned...yet.  If that's what you got, bring it 'cause you just have to do this thing and all us bike riders love each other.  But not that way.   


Edit 10.4.10 - DISCLAIMER:  THE ABOVE WAS WRITTEN TONGUE IN CHEEK AND MEANT TO BE A LITTLE (or if you know us and Iron Cross - A LOT) FUNNY!!  WE WOULD LOVE TO HAVE YOU RIDE AN MTB AND UNTIL WE SAY DIFFERENTLY, DO IT!  TELL YOUR MOM SHE CAN RIDE ONE TOO!! (AGAIN, THAT LAST BIT WAS TO BE HUMOROUS!  Mom _probably_ isn't doing Iron Cross which is where we were thinking some of the humor would be apparent....) W got burned with this post and we really didn't mean to offend anyone.  Sorry.  Post coming to try to explain it better - at least we hope.