Monday, September 9, 2013

Iron Cross - the Latest Map

Latest bits for you to get all excited about:

These bits have been noted elsewhere, but at the risk of repeating ourselves (and you'll see this again):

1. Start is also Checkpoint 2 and is your primary point of support. No drop bags to remote checkpoints this year because you can put everything you want right at the Start/Finish line and see it at the halfway point. You can pit from your car if you want to. That's right, bring all the beverages you need to make it through.

2. World Cup Ski and Cycle is bringing you a whole new level of support this year with wheels-in/wheels-out option and all day support at the start/finish line! World Cup will be set up before hand at the start and have a full on mech support station at CP 2 for you. They're also going to fill up a truck with your wheels and take 'em to Lippencote (the bottom...duh) and probably to the end of Cold Spring too. If you don't know what this means this is how it works:
- You bring an extra wheelset
- You get to the race and put your numbers on the wheels - bring a marker and a piece of paper. put paper in spokes after you write your number on it.
- You take your wheels to the World Cup support vehicle
- Your wheels go out on course so you have 'em if you need 'em on two of the rougher descents on course.
- Don't forget to pick up your wheels from the World Cup truck after the race!
SRAM will be back to, but now we've really got you covered!