Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sin City Recap

Vegas baby!

Took a trip out to Vegas for Interbike and got to hang with our buds at NoTubes and Foundry Cycles for little bit. Also took a spin at the SRAM ride experience where our old pal and IC neutral maestro Mike was chilling and putting people out on Foundry Augers equipped with the new SRAM Hydro discs and Red.  Jones and I were quite impressed with the smooth ride of those Augers and I can't wait to get my personal Harrow finished off with some Iron Cross wheels for a little comparison.

Alright, enough jibber jabber, here are some pics:

Richie won something and is very proud. In truth he was supporting Ride 2 Recovery on the early AM spin to Dirt Demo Tuesday morning and should be proud of that, it is a hell of an organization.

Sweet smooth riding Foundry Augers all decked out in SRAM Red shifty bits, Zipp wheels and pieces and some awfully swell feeling hydro brakes. You can find some to test at the SRAM Ride Experience near you.

The new levers are big but they do offer a grip that seems it could be nice descending Lippencote.

As I took it from the SRAM mech I was told, "Don't take this on the mountain bike trails!" Apparently our reputation precedes us.
The Iron Cross wheel. Every time we see it we smile.

Fat Rim on IC? Well someone did it last year so why not. Plus we get to plug NoTubes again with what is maybe the only fat bike rim you can do up with a floor pump.

Just released, the new 27.5er from Foundry. If you're into the tweener size this thing is hot.