Thursday, September 22, 2011

Paint by Numbers

So I'm on the plane to Vegas last week and having composed my xmas list by way of Sky Mall in 15 minutes I'd exhausted the stellar in-flight "entertainment" supplied by the airline.  BTW, when did peanuts become too expensive to include on 5 hour flights?  Just wondering.  Email me your answers.

Anyway.  I popped open the laptop which, it turns out, was too big to use easily in the confines of row 22C and a few hand cramps later came up with this:

I know, might be tough to see.  Hopefully it'll blow up nice for you.  What you see here is a map of the 100K course showing the different types of terrain you'll encounter during the event.

Red = Pavement
Dark Blue = Dirt/Gravel Road/Rail Trail
Light Blue = Unimproved Road/Jeep Road
Green = Singletrack
Purple = Run-Up!!

I'll tell you that while you're out there the course may not feel exactly like this and certainly the time you spend navigating a mile of singletrack or running up Wigwam will take longer than a mile of pavement, but this gives you a pretty good picture of how the course features break down.  Is it 100% exact to the meter?  No.  But after 9 years of working on this course, it is pretty dang close.