Friday, September 30, 2011

More Fun with Mapping

The 50K courses are a little different than what we originally mapped.  This is because Z and I had some discussion about the set up and wanted to make sure we were putting together a fast, fun 50 that kept much of the feel of the 100K but a little less of the elevation gain/loss from our first short course design.  So after some map consultation and Z doing some more poking about we came up with this:

The big change from the first course is the elimination of the Hogshead Climb from the 50K.  You miss out on probably the best road descent of the 100K with this change, but the upside is you don't get the 20-30 minutes of climbing that may accompany the ascent on the 100K course that is often a major decision maker in the long race?  What do I mean?  Hogshead either makes you or, seemingly more often, breaks you.