Monday, September 19, 2011

The National UltraCross Series!

This year marks the start of something we've tossed around for a few years.  The establishment of series of events that are like-minded to Iron Cross.

You know.  Just plain stupid.

And we have it.  Starting in 2011 the National Ultra Cross series was launched - mostly under the radar, but stay tuned.  Four events banded together under the impetus of one promoter guy (not me) who took the time to send an email.  Approximately 145 emails later we had something.  Not a lot just yet, but something.

But we also attracted the attention of some other promoters from around the place.  Guys in Michigan and Virginia and Connecticut took note and said something like, "Hey, that's pretty cool. What's up with next year?"

Mostly we don't have any idea.  Or we have a lot of ideas.  Or something in between.

Whatever it is, this is going to grow.  Why?  Because Ultra Cross is really what cycling is all about.  Perhaps even the name is misleading.  Yes, these are all long-distance pseudo-cross races - or at least that what the promoters claim, but really these are about the vary things that first attract and then keep almost everyone in this sport: adventure, exploration, beauty and love of riding. 

These aren't really about the result, though it is nice to go a little faster each year.  These are about taking a bike and doing something wild and fun and different.  These are about pushing yourself hard and ending up with an enduring memory of something unique.  For most, these are about taking some of the seriousness that creeps into or embodies "real" races and throwing that out the freakin' window. 

The National Ultra-Cross Series.  
Unless you live close to one of these it won't be coming to a town near you just yet, so get in the freakin' car and get your tail to one of these!!

2011 National Ultra Cross Series Races

June - Hilly-Billy Roubaix

Sept 25- Three Peaks USA - "America's Hardest"

Oct 9 - Iron Cross IX (yea, you're here.)

Feb 25 - Southern Cross - 2011 Series Finals! 

2012 National Ultra Cross Series

Feb - Southern Cross (yes, this is a point getter for both years!)
June - Hilly Billy Roubaix
Sept - Three Peaks USA
October - 13/14 - Iron Cross!  Series Finals 2012.

The other events in 2011 will be back in 2012 with the series finals at North America's Original Endurance 'Cross Race - right here at Iron Cross - but we may have a few other surprises/events in store for you too!  Like I said, stay tuned.