Thursday, September 20, 2012

Special What??

One year I remember when Mark wanted to put together a kit order for Iron Cross. The "Ask me about Iron Cross" Kit. I still have a kit or two from that. It was pretty cool, but that was until we started working with THESE guys. They put together a kit design that has blown my mind. It's our tenth anniversary and this kit makes it feel like it. Lone Wolf Cycling is putting together some great, simple designs with really comfortable and smooth product to make some of the best kits I've gotten to wear (I was lucky enough to score a jersey this year). It's a couple really cool guys that like long rides, good trails, and shenanigans on bikes. My kinda guys. They've been all over the mountain biking scene this year, so if you haven't seen them yet, you should check them out. PLUS, they put together a camo kit....I need one of those. 

Without any further adieu, the 2012 Iron Cross 10th Anniversary Kit:

They are taking pre-orders for the kit on their website. Definitely go check it out and get one for yourself!