Thursday, October 6, 2011

Almost There!

You feeling it?  You ready?  It looks like a beautiful weekend coming our way.  The day will start crisp and cool, but warm up nicely.  The leaves are getting purtier by the day.  The NoTubes wheels are sitting ready for someone to claim, the HEED is ready for the coolers and a box of love from WTB is sitting on the back porch.  Race #s are in need of bikes.  Socks are ready for feet worthy of being wrapped in their luxury.  The new finishers awards are looking for necks to hand from proudly. And I'm chuggin' beers to test out the new pint glasses.  The mud is drying up and the trails are looking sweet - we even paved Lippencote for you.*  Love it!

A little bummer is that due to the last two months of rain we're going to miss out on the Death Spiral this year.  I know, this is a rough one for me too.  I cried a little and had to get a hug from an old friend to feel better about the whole thing.  It is a staple of IC, but we want to make sure the park is left if good condition so we'll be invited back next year.  They've asked us to pull the Spiral for the year so we did.  Though it will be nice to save the brain power used to make sure everyone could get into and out of that thing!

But, the new start loop at Pine Grove Furnace State Park is pretty sweet too with a nice loop of gravel roads and a new run up awaiting your eager wheels.  We think you'll like it. 

Git on the bus!!  

It ain't no truck-boat-truck, but it'll be almost as much fun!

 We're doing a "Party Bus" for IC this year.  $10 pre-reg, $15 day off.  We'll cart you around Michaux to some good viewing spots and you kick back, relax and enjoy the show.  Bring family, friends, support crew, co-workers who don't quite "get it" or that hottie you're trying to get with and show 'em what's up. 


We're up to 275 pre-reg.  Thank you.  Last year our numbers were down a little and we missed you all terribly.  Thank you for helping us feel loved again!  Of course, we know that you won't have quite the same feelings for us after a couple hours on Sunday so here's a bear for you.


Okay then.  Time to go do some things and stuff. 

And double check that pint glass functionality.

Rest up.  Travel safely.  We'll see you soon.

*By paved I mean that there was this one log we cut out and I picked up some sticks.